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FinMach supplies a full range of products, going from single equipment and machineries to be installed into existing lines, to complete Plants and Systems (also on turnkey basis) for the production of high quality Mineral Wool and Sandwich Panels products.

The Company provides technical and technological consulting services to new investors in the field, as well as support and assistance to Clients which have existing lines with the aim to improve their production processes and increase productivity and final product quality.

Research & Developement
At FinMach, a considerable amount of resources are employed to guarantee continuous improvements in technology, reliability and quality. Research and Development of new technologies for both, equipment and processes, are constantly being performed and implemented.


FinMach is committed to QUALITY.
We "put" quality into all our Activities, Products and Services.

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After Sales Services
FinMach offers a prompt and efficient after sales service, involving top-specialized engineers and advanced diagnostic procedures, to guarantee Clients anywhere and at any time high efficiency operation and top quality production.

Quality First
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