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Complete lines
FinMach supplies a full range of complete mineral wool and sandwich panel lines, also on turnkey basis.

Products packaging

Panels stacking and packing units.

Electrics and Automation
FinMach combines its wealth of experience in Mineral Wool Production with its extensive knowledge of all aspects of process control and quality assurance, in order to offer a wide range of products in the insulation industry.
All FinMach Control and Automation tolls, Level 1 for the equipment and Level 2 for the Process Control and Automation, are in-house, customized products. They provide an Integrated Information and Control System that enables Process monitoring with state-of-the-art mathematical models, as well as plant-wide data collection and production coordination.

Raw material plants
The supply is customized in accordance to the needs, ranging from simple batch plants to fully automatic plants, where the raw materials are automatically weighed, appropriately mixed and carried to the cupola for melting.

The System and Process are both designed for safe operation, as well as high efficiency and reliability.
The cupola is provided with an efficient off-gases cleaning and Blast Air generation unit, which exploits the heat of the CO combustion, already present in the off-gases, to reduce the coke consumption and thus the production costs.

Fiberizing machines
The latest 4 rotor spinning machine, with closed or open water cooling circuit according to client needs, is designed to operate at high range of fiberizing speeds, giving thus the flexibility to produce high quality fibers at different conditions.
We will be please to discuss the technological improvements we have implemented to our spinners to increase spinning efficiency and fiber quality.

Binder Plants

Fully automatic binder preparation and delivering plants are supplied.

Forming Chamber and pendulums

Latest technology Drum type forming chambers and pendulums are the basic solutions of FinMach for the mat collection and distribution.
Depending on the specific needs, oscillating pendulums or linear pendulums are provided

Curing oven

High efficiency, modular type with independent heating modules and low gas consumption curing ovens, with exhaust gasses incinerators and "flight" preheating units are provided.

Products finishing

Edge cutting and granulation units, dustless slitting units, cross cutting or guillotine choppers, foil facing and transportation conveyors.

Products packaging & Auxiliary Lines

Panels stacking and packing units.
Roll-up, packing and shrinking machines.
Complete Stitching lines.
Pipe insulation lines.

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