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FinMach GmbH supplies complete Sandwich panels lines:

-Loading coil cars and Decoilers
-Roll forming machines for roof and wall shapes
-PU/PIR High Pressure Dosing and metering units
-Mineral wool lamellas feeding units
-EPS feeding unit
-Double Conveyor Presses
-Flying saws with automatic overlapping systems
-Panels Seasoning and Cooling Devices
-Stacking unit
-Wrapping Machines
-Automation Systems

Double Belt press / Laminator
Wet part - PU Metering and dosing machine
Electrics and Automation System

FinMach combines its wealth of experience in Sandwich panels Production with its extensive knowledge of all aspects of process control and quality assurance, in order to offer a wide range of products in the insulation industry.
All FinMach Control and Automation tolls, Level 1 for the equipment and Level 2 for the Process Control and Automation, are in-house, customized products. They provide an Integrated Information and Control System that enables Process monitoring with state-of-the-art mathematical models, as well as plant-wide data collection and production coordination.
FinMach GmbH Reliability and Innovation
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